Anyone who works in Dulux will tell you without hesitation that pink comes in a whole gallery of shades, but there seems to be only one that we’re interested in. Say hello to Millennial Pink. No, it’s not a new thing and it has definitely been used in fashion way before a whole planet of teens adopted it into their culture.

Image via Pinterest

Millennial Pink is the colour of this generation. It can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, skin colour or anything else that we use to divide ourselves, which is why it’s so brilliant. Everyone looks pretty in pink and isn’t judged for it.

Image via Pinterest

Paired with a light denim jacket it looks even better and is oh-so on trend right now as shown in the above photo. This is all well and good, but what actually is Millennial Pink and where did it come from?

Some say Pantone kicked the whole thing off when they dubbed a similar shade of pink ‘Colour of the Year’ in 2015. Others say the iPhone 6 in Rose Gold (pink) started the craze.

Personally, I think a whole bunch of people coincidentally watched Mean Girls at the same time and felt the need to wear pink on a Wednesday and Millennial Pink was born. So fetch.

Image via Twist Magazine

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